10 Facts About The Battle of Kursk You May Not Know

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The Battle of Kursk took place in  1943 and was one of the most crucial battles fought on the Eastern Front. The battle involved thousands of tanks and hundreds of thousands of men.  Kursk was the biggest tank battle in WWII and was the biggest until the Indo-Pakistan War in 1965. Kursk was the last effort by the Germans to win the war in Russia. The failure of the German offensive at Kursk meant that  the Nazi army was forced on the defensive on the Eastern Front.  The following are a list of ten little-known and interesting facts about one of the most important battles of the Second World War.

1. During the battle, the Germans introduced many famous tanks into battle for the first time. They included the renowned Tiger Tank and the Panther Tank. These tanks are among the best known of the war. During the battle, they were not that effective and the Soviets soon learned how to destroy them, by targeting their weaker side armor.

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