An Uncertain Future: 8 Facts About the Korean War and its Continuing Impact on the World

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Everyone Has a Different Name for the War

The Korean War goes by a number of different names, which vary based on which country is telling the history of the war. The name for the war that is most often referenced is the Korean War, largely because that is the term given by the United States and the United Nations. In the United States, some refer to it as the Forgotten War largely because it is the one that often gets overlooked and the one that some might not be too eager to remember.

In North Korea, the war has a very different name. They refer to the war as the Fatherland Liberation War. The name stems from the North Korean belief that all of Korea belongs as one country and that it should be under the control of the North Korean government. Therefore, the war was an attempt to liberate and unify the fatherland.

For the South Koreans, the war has a few different names. It can sometimes be referred to as the Korean War, but otherwise it is mainly known as Six-Two-Five. The name for the war comes from the day it started.

China refers to the military action in Korea as the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea. The Chinese continue to have a substantial influence on North Korea and the two countries have a strong alliance that continues to resist U.S. influence.

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