Ten Things You Did Not Know About Attila The Hun

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Attila became king of the Huns after the early death of his brother.

Despite the treaty, the Huns continued to attack the eastern Roman Empire. This was much richer than the western part of the Empire.  The Huns were to exact even more tribute from the east. The eastern Romans were simply incapable of defeating the Huns and knew that they had to pay. A couple of years after this, Bleda. The brother of Attila and his co-king died.  Attila became the sole king of the Huns.  It was speculated at the time that Atitila had his brother murdered in order to become the sole ruler. There is no evidence of this, even though it has been reported by many historians. Given Attila’s reputation for violence, it seems very possible. It was common at this time for kings to become rulers by murder and cruelty. Many Roman Emperors also came to power after political murders.  What we do know for certain is that by 435 AD Attila was the sole ruler of the Hunic Empire.

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