This Unbelievable WWI Soldier Single-Handedly Captured 100 Soldiers, After Eliminating Two Machine Guns

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Experiencing the many theatres of the War

The 10th would move only a short way away from the Gallipoli campaign, heading to Greece to fight on the Macedonian front. One of the more varied and confusing fronts in the war, the Macedonian front involved the Allies setting up camp in Greece. The only issue was that the King of Greece was a supporter of the Germans while his Prime Minister supported the Allies. The Greek troops were often ordered to stand down despite conflicts raging just miles from their borders.

Almost every European power involved in WWI had troops fight at the Macedonian Front. Austria-Hungary and the Bulgarians pushed into Serbia and even the tiny Montenegro. Fierce defenses caused massive Central Powers losses but territory was still lost. Though it was an established front, the lines here moved as much or more than any other front of the war. Small gains were taken by either side.

The line stretched from Thessaloniki in modern Greece, through the mountains of southern Macedonia and to the Adriatic coast of Albania. The two years Curtis spent here were spent in everything to hot and dry valleys to snow capped mountains. He would have also faced the familiar foe in the Ottomans, but also would have waged war against Austro-Hungarians, Germans and Bulgarians while working with the entire range of European Allies.

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