5 Gorgeous Maine Waterfalls Hiding In Plain Sight With No Hiking Required

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Maine is chock full of beautiful waterfalls. We should know! We’ve written about them here and here! But, not everyone is up for the hike that’s necessary to see some of them. So, we’ve done our best to round up just a few that require little to no hiking whatsoever. If you love the nature of Maine, but also live quickly accessible nature – you’ll love these!

1. Coos Canyon, Oxford County

Visible from Route 17 scenic highway, Coos Canyon is a great place to spend the day. In the summer you can wade in the waters, jump in or stay dry with a picnic in the connected park. Don’t avoid it in the winter though – with no hiking necessary you can just pull over to take a look.

2. Snow Falls, Oxford County

Snow Falls is a good place to visit while it’s just a little chilly – no swimming’s allowed here. A visit to these falls will reveal four cascade sets, which flow from the Little Androscoggin River.

3. Great Falls, Auburn

These falls take only a short walk on the Auburn Riverwalk to view. These falls are powered by the Androscoggin River, which separates Auburn and Lewiston.

4. Stony Brook Trail, Oxford County

While this one isn’t exactly visible from the road, it’s an extremely short walk to access some really lovely pools. The Stony Brook Trail is loved for the access it allows for picnicing and swimming. Once you’ve enjoyed this, you can do more of a hike by heading updwards towards an abandoned bridge.

5. Riverside Walking Trail and Overlook, Rumford

If you’re looking for easy, but not so easy that all you need to do is park the car you’ll love this one. In downtown Rumford you’ll find this wonderful walking trail that will bring you right to the Androscoggin River.

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