6 Wonderful Waterfall Hikes in San Diego

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Trapped amidst monotonous routines, pressing obligations and scary deadlines, the mind often seeks an accessible diversion; a longing to unite with nature, where, to quote John Denver, “Life is old/ Older than the trees.” The prospect of hiking in pleasant mountains with breathtaking waterfalls endows us with such an opportunity. So, skim through these hiking trails with waterfalls in San Diego for relishing an opportunity, involving boundless pleasure.

1. Cedar Creek Falls, Ramona

The greatest attraction of this not so hard trail near Julian area, is obviously its destination. A massive waterfall pours into a tempting swimming hole. Surrounded by cliffs as high as 75 feet, this pool, known as Devil’s Punchbowl, has swallow water and slippery rocks that render it exciting as well as dangerous. Hikers are advised to be equipped with appropriate shoes as the trail uphill is rather difficult.

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