9 Of The Greatest Hiking Trails On Earth Are Right Here In Arkansas

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Who knew one state could have so many of the greatest trails on Earth? Arkansas is filled with marvelous trails that lead to dazzling waterfalls and awe-inspiring bluffs. Keep in mind as we share the greatest trails that all experience levels have been included so don’t try to plan a harrowing, 30-mile trail if you’re more of a park-and-we’re-here kind of hiker.

1. Womble Trail – Oden

The whopping 32-mile Womble Trail may be rated as hard but it is so worth the effort. The steep hike will take you along the bluffs of the Ouachita River and a lookout point from Gaston Mountain. Hiking is welcomed but it’s also quite popular for mountain biking.

2. Pack Rat Falls Trail – Clarksville

This moderate, yet pleasantly short trail is located in the Haw Creek Falls Recreation Area. The trail leads to Pack Rat Falls, a fantastic 24 ft. waterfall. With a little bit of supervision this makes for a great family hike.

3. Glory Hole Waterfall Trail – Deer

This 1.8-mile trail leads to the Glory Hole Waterfall, one of Arkansas’ more interesting falls. The trail is moderate due to a sharp decline to reach the falls, so keep in mind it’s all uphill on the way back.

4. Hurricane Creek Trail – Hagarville

Hurricane Creek Trail is a moderate 16-mile hike that leads to some breathtaking scenery. The trail passes by a large shelter cave, Blue Hole Cascades, as well as the 29 ft. Hurricane Falls.

5. Gulpha Gorge Trail – Hot Springs

This easy trail is just over a mile long. The steep stroll features interesting rock formations and a natural garden of wildflowers. The trail meets up with Goat Rock Trail which should also be taken so you can reach the Goat Rock viewpoint.

6. Goat Trail – Ponca

Just outside of Ponca, the Goat Trail leads to jaw-dropping view of Big Bluff overlooking the Buffalo River. The trail is about 6 miles and is not for children or anyone afraid of heights. The ledges along the trail get pretty steep at 350 ft. in the air.

7. Sam’s Throne Trail – Mt. Judea

Sam’s Throne is a 2-mile moderate trail that will make you feel ant-sized compared to the massive rocks. The trail can be hiked or rock climbed. Reward yourself for conquering the throne by rappelling off afterwards.

8. Hemmed in Hollow Trail – Compton

Another hard but totally worth it trail, Hemmed in Hollow rewards hikers with a fantastic single-drop, 209 ft. waterfall. The trail is a steep 6 miles but can be cut short for those floating in from the Buffalo River.

9. Rock House Cave and Lookout Trail – Morrilton

Explore the massive rock shelter used by Native Americans more than 500 years ago. The shelter features cave art that can still faintly be seen. The 4-mile moderate loop also features “turtle” rocks along the path.
Did your favorite trail get inexcusably left off the list? Give that trail the shout out it deserves in the comments below!

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