The Hike In Arizona That Takes You To One Beautiful Waterfall After Another

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Arizona doesn’t have much in the way of waterfalls but those we do have are pretty amazing.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Most of Arizona’s waterfalls are located miles from each other, so trying to visit more than one in a day is almost impossible to accomplish. But there is one trail that will take you to five roaring waterfalls and the entire trek could be done in a weekend.

A smaller canyon within the Grand Canyon, Havasu Canyon is the home of Supai and the epic Havasupai Trail.

Some people choose to raft to one end of the trail via the Colorado River or even fly in via helicopter.

But most people opt to hike. Starting at Hualapai Hilltop, approximately 1.5 hours from Peach Springs, the trail slowly descends 8 miles into the Grand Canyon down to Supai Village.

Once you reach the village, the waterfalls are less than two miles away!

The trail from here follows Havasu Creek, which features milky blue-green water that rushes down to the Colorado River. Here’s a look at the waterfalls you’ll see along the way.

Fifty-Foot Falls is the first waterfall you’ll encounter and it’s a great introduction to the waterfalls you’ll encounter on this journey!

Right after that is Little Navajo Falls, the re-routed version of the original Navajo Falls after a 2008 flood).

And a short distance from there is Havasu Falls, the one waterfall that has capture the hearts of million around the world. A campground is also located nearby.

Mooney Falls sits a mile down the trail from Havasu Falls. This is the tallest waterfall on the trail, which drops 210 feet into a small pool.

And, finally, Beaver Falls sits near the end of the trail. It is a collection of small waterfalls that slowly drop but they are also the most difficult to access since the trail gets rougher.

And there you have it! You could visit all five waterfalls in a day from Supai. Just keep in mind to exercise caution when embarking on this hike! The weather and trail can be rough, so make sure you pack accordingly and be careful when crossing watery areas as they can be extremely slippery.

You’ll want to start planning soon for a trek into Havasu Canyon for 2018 or 2019! You can find details about hiking from Supai and obtaining permits by visiting the Havasupai Tribe’s website, If you prefer to raft from the Colorado River, which can take several days, you can check out tour sites like Western River Expeditions.

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