The Hiking Trail Hiding In Rhode Island That Will Transport You To Another World

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Rhode Island has so many gorgeous hiking trails throughout the state! Be it a deep forest hike in the north, or a cliff-side trek with ocean views along the coast, there are so many stunning options. You just need to know where to look. This one hike leads to a place so beautiful, you won’t believe your eyes.

Trustom Pond National Wildlife Refuge is found off Matunuck School House Road in the town of South Kingstown.

The refuge is filled with 757 gorgeous acres of wildlife and hiking trails.

Each trail offers something unique, but all roads lead to the state’s only undeveloped coastal salt pond known as Trustom Pond.

The pond offers breathtaking views that seem to go on forever in all directions.

You’ll also catch everything form 300 bird species, dozens of animal varieties, and even all sorts of reptiles enjoying the area.

There are just so many gorgeous hikes to find in the state. Click here for a few more suggestions.

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