The One Incredible Trail That Spans The Entire State Of Ohio

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With the spring season on the way, you’re probably itching to get outside and explore. (Be sure to check out this list of easy, short trails to hike.)

There’s one trail in Ohio, however, that offers the ultimate adventure. It loops around the entire state, featuring every type of landscape, wildlife and scenery there is to experience in Ohio. The Buckeye Trail is every nature enthusiast’s and hiker’s dream come true. It’s an incredible trail that belongs at the top of your bucket list. Take a look:

Spanning a total of 1,444 miles, The Buckeye Trail lets you experience a little bit of everything that Ohio has to offer. Just follow the blue blazes and start wherever you like.

The vision for this epic trail began in the 1950s. Today, it’s maintained by The Buckeye Trail Association.

Designed in a loop, The Buckeye Trail can be accessed from a variety of locations, passing through several state parks.

Of course, some sections are more strenuous than others, while some are paved, easy-to-follow paths.

Whether you choose to take a short hike along a portion of the Buckeye Trail or backpack your way through the entire length of it, please be sure to follow the Leave No Trace principles.

The best part about hiking The Buckeye Trail is the variety of scenery you’ll experience along the way. You’ll see everything from the beaches of Lake Erie…

Note: Be sure to stay up to date on the Trail Alerts, especially if you plan to hike the entire trail. You can find them here.

…to the deep forests of the Hocking Hills. If you thought Ohio lacked variety, this is the one hiking trail that will quickly change your mind.

According to The Buckeye Trail Associaiton’s website, “a single (blue) blaze marks the trail where the route is fairly straight or obvious, while a double blaze marks a turn with the upper blaze offset to indicate the new direction. A double blaze with no offset simply means pay attention – the trail route may not be obvious.”

No matter what season you choose to hike or what portion of the trail you choose to explore, The Buckeye Trail will make you fall in love with the beauty of Ohio all over again.

(Feeling adventurous yet?)
Have you ever hiked this trail, or a portion of it? If so, we would love to see your photos and hear about your experiences!

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