These 10 Stunning Waterfalls Prove Oregon Is The Most Magical State

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10. Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls is one of Oregon’s most beloved natural wonders. This incredible 620′ waterfall will leave you speechless.

9. Abiqua Falls

This hidden gem, located near Scotts Mills, is an amazing 100′ waterfall that can be reached on a short 0.8-mile hike.

8. Proxy Falls

Located in Lane County, Proxy Falls is a wondrous cascade that glides over vibrant moss-covered rocks. You can visit the waterfall by taking a leisurely 1.5-mile hike.

7. Tumalo Falls

Located near Bend, Tumalo Falls is an impressive 97′ waterfall that you can see from an easily accessible viewpoint, or you can take a hike to see it closer up.

6. Sahalie Falls

This stunning 100′ waterfall, located on the amazing McKenzie River, is absolutely astonishing.

5. Koosah Falls

Located just downstream from Sahalie Falls, Koosah Falls is another majestic McKenzie River waterfall that you can reach by taking a lovely 2.6-mile loop hike starting at Sahalie Falls.

4. North Falls

The 136′ North Falls is a spectacular waterfall located in the Silver Falls State Park that will take your breath away.

3. Drift Creek Falls

A unique, unforgettable hike will lead you to the amazing Drift Creek Falls. The 3-mile trail leads across a 240′ suspension bridge that overlooks the beautiful waterfall.

2. White River Falls

White River Falls is a wonderful hidden gem is located within the White River Falls State park near Maupin.

1. Latourell Falls

Nestled into the Columbia River Gorge is the jaw-dropping Latourell Falls. This graceful 249′ waterfall is downright inspiring.

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